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How to measure your kitchen for cabinets?

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Ready for remodeling your kitchen?

The first step of buying new cabinets for your kitchen and bathroom is to get an accurate measurement!

Use the following steps to measure your space to kick start your design & quotation. Remember, we can send someone to your home to help you as well, just send us an email or call us!

Step 1: Sketch a floor plan (view from above) of your kitchen or bathroom.

Step 2: Locate the windows, entry, appliances in the floor plan and start to measure with a tape measure. Label each length with letters/numbers for clearer demonstration and reduce confusion. Walk clockwise to measure the length of all walls.

Step 3: Horizontally, measure from the corner/edge of the wall to the appliances, sinks, windows, and doors, then measure the rest of the wall.

Vertically, measure the height of the ceiling from multiple points to ensure you get the right height. Also measure the size of the window and mark the length of the wall all around the window.

Step 4: Record appliances. Record the brand, model and size of your appliances to ensure accurate design. Take a note of which side the appliance opens from.

Step 5: Take images and videos to help the designer visualize the space better.

Feel free to download our measurement guide to help you for the process:

Grand Forest Cabinets Measurement Guide
Download PDF • 2.10MB

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