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How to Select Cabinet Colors

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

There are thousands of colors of cabinets in the world with different texture, finish, shape and style. How to make the best decision for your kitchen color palette is very important and non-changeable. The switching cost is high to put the least.

Safe choice: White

Many people chose white as it is a safe card to play. White cabinets are timeless, simple, clean-looking, and classic. It can go well with a modern home or a ranch or farm style home. The white will brighten up the space and make your kitchen look new. White is also very quiet and peaceful. It is not loud, and trying to dominate the space or your eyeball. White goes well with pretty much all other color, so it is easy to pick flooring, countertop and door handles. White cabinets can look great with grey, white, marble, marble-looking quartz (as shown in the above picture), wooden and granite countertops. You would see white cabinets trendy in almost every year's "Trending Cabinet Colors 202x". If you have a relatively darker kitchen, or smaller kitchen, white cabinet is going to twist it for you with its mighty color effect.

Trendy choice: Grey

When search white cabinets, sometimes you'd see "grey cabinets" pops up too. As you may have noticed, grey cabinets are quietly trending these days. Matching white with grey cabinets is also popular these days. Grey cabinets in European style, It gives you a sense of mysterious and modern. In my personal opinion, grey European cabinets are the best to show off your modern and techy characteristics. Paired with water fall style countertop, the high-end feeling is presented by the glossy, reflective materials. Of course you would have to spend time wiping it down because glossy or lacquered finish is a typical fingerprint collector.

Special choice: Blue and its kinds

There are 50 shades of blue (lol). Which shade is the best? It depends on different person's aesthetic views. But I am going to recommend two tones here. One is a grey-ish or smokey blue:

Another one is dark blue or navy blue:

Traditional/natural Choice: Wooden color of all sorts

I first thought I would not go with wooden color as they are not the real color of woods anyways. But the light oak color pair with white color definitely earns my heart. It calms my mood whenever I get to step in a kitchen like this:

Other wooden/red/yellow/orange color of cabinets will go well with your ranch style or classic American mansion. But they are a bit out of date these days:

Remember, the color of your cabinets will decide the tone & lighting of your space. Dark cabinets will eat up the lights for sure. And, mix and match two colors of cabinets should be also considered! Usually people put darker cabinets as the base cabinets and lighter color goes to the wall cabinets. So hopefully this will help you decide what works best for you when you think of your cabinet color!

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