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What Are European Cabinets

European cabinets are cabinets that adopt full access frameless structure, which means the doors close exactly on the edge of the frame of cabinets, leaving no sight of the frame to be seen from the front angle. From the side angle, the European cabinet doors are completely flat. There are no inset panels in the middle of your doors. Some European cabinets even have built in J-handle design, so there is no need to purchase any handles, making the surface of the cabinets even minimalistic. And so your kids' head won't bump into the handle (bonus!).

Who should choose European Cabinets?

If you are minimalist, you should definitely go for European cabinets! They are frameless, and can come without handles. The simple lines and ergonomic design will rest your mind at a fast paced society where you need to absorb large amount of information. Coming home to a simple and clear design instead of complicated pattern will bless your heart.

If you are a big fan of ergonomics, you should consider European Cabinets. Many Euro cabinets will have single lift or double lift wall cabinets for you to choose from. Those cabinets with certain door hinges can stop where you want them to be without banging your head. You can choose how high you want to hang your cabinets to meet your personal preference.

What is the difference from American Cabinets?

American Cabinets are usually framed cabinets, meaning you can see that your doors are closing onto the frame and you can see the frame from any angles. The design of the American cabinets include shaker style, raised panel, recessed panel and so on.

There is no absolute right or wrong to choose European cabinets or American cabinets. It only depends what suit your home style and your need better.

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